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Private and Luxury Recovery Options

In the drug abuse treatment industry, there are standard rehab centers and then there are luxury treatment centers. Both often offer the same core rehab programs – such as detox, counseling and some form of aftercare – but luxury drug abuse treatment offers a number of benefits that standard care does not provide. There is usually a high price tag attached to luxury drug addiction treatment, so understanding what goes on at these facilities is important before any recovering addict signs up for treatment there.

Problems Treated at Luxury Drug Rehabs

There are a number of different issues treated at luxury rehab facilities around the United States, including:

Often, an individual will enter drug rehab with more than one of the problems listed above. In addition, there are a growing number of dual diagnosis patients who require specialized care at these luxury facilities. A dual diagnosis patient is an individual who is suffering from co-occurring mental illness as well as substance abuse or addiction issues. According to Medline Plus, both conditions – the mental health issue and the addiction – should be treated simultaneously in order to achieve a state of recovery and balance.

What Goes on at These Addiction Treatment Centers?

Throughout the world, there are a number of different treatment approaches being utilized at top luxury drug rehab centers. While each luxury facility will feature different exclusive offerings, such as gourmet meals, cutting-edge therapies and experiential treatment, all centers will generally offer the three basic core components of rehab: detox, counseling and aftercare. These components make up a comprehensive treatment style that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of a substance abuse problem.

  • Detox. In order to overcome a physical addiction to drugs, the individual must first complete the detoxification process. During this process, men and women may experience withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the nature of the addiction and the program’s philosophy, medication may or may not be administered during this process.
  • •Counseling. Addressing the psychological component to addiction, counseling is a chance to explore the root causes of an individual’s addiction or substance abuse problem.
  • •Aftercare. Aftercare programs teach the individual how to cope with life after they leave treatment and may include 12-step group meetings or follow-up counseling at the facility.

Benefits of Luxury Drug Treatment

Luxury drug addiction treatment programs carry a high price tag yet there are a number of benefits that make them the choice for individuals around the country, including:

  • Privacy. Luxury drug treatment centers greatly value the privacy of their patients. Great measure is taken to maintain the anonymity of all residents at the center – which is one reason why celebrities and other luminaries choose luxury rehab.
  • •Amenities. Some people have described life at a luxury drug abuse treatment center as similar to a stay at a five-star resort. It’s not that serious work is not performed at these centers but individuals who attend luxury rehab for their recovery are treated to comfortable living quarters, private room, gourmet cuisine and more.
  • •
  • •Holistic care. Many luxury drug rehab centers offers holistic options to help enhance the wellness of the individual. Yoga, meditation and acupuncture are just a few of the ways that high-end treatment centers improve the health of the individual in mind, body and spirit – thus putting them in a better position to respond favorably to treatment.

Locations of Treatment Programs

While there are some luxury drug treatment centers located in major metropolitan areas, the majority of them can be found somewhat off the beaten path. Locations such as Malibu, Palm Springs, upstate New York and rural New Mexico are all home to private, luxury facilities. The reason for this is twofold. On the one hand, these remote locations offer tremendous privacy – a factor very important to those who can afford to attend luxury treatment. The other reason is more esoteric. The natural beauty of these areas is nothing short of inspirational – and thus the surroundings inspire the individual to achieve greater things during treatment. The sunset over the ocean in Malibu, California, for example, has an impact on the spirit of the individual that simply cannot be recreated elsewhere.

Paying for Private Luxury Drug Rehab

As mentioned above, the cost of a luxury drug addiction treatment program can run upwards of several thousand dollars per month for admission. That means only the rich, who also seem to get off lightly, can readily afford it, and puts it squarely out of reach for many individuals who could benefit greatly from the services offered there. That said, there are more and more treatment centers now offering financing options to help individuals and their families offset the cost of treatment at luxury drug rehab programs. These facilities work with private lenders to help set up payment plans that spread out the payments for treatment over months – helping the family get back on their feet financially in the interim. Also, many insurance plans offer partial coverage for a stay in a rehab facility. It’s worth your while to talk to your insurance provider prior to choosing a rehab center.

If you’d like more information on luxury drug rehab, contact us today. We can fill you in on the details of programs located all throughout the country.


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